Frequently Asked Questions

How Does My Custom eStore Work?

Your eStore is pre-stocked with quality products. The selection is designed to provide the items necessary to help your patients and customers with their rehabilitation and general wellness needs and to get the most benefit from your diagnosis and recommendations. If there are other vendors, and their products, that you would like to be considered as additions to your store or platform, you can work with our support team to get this accomplished.

The eStore functions primarily as an e-commerce website, but it does include basic content such as About us, Services and Contact Us, so you could use it temporarily as your only website.

Your eStore can be personalized with your logo and contact information. There are also a number of templates and color options that may be selected to keep the look of your eStore as close to your existing website as possible. Our team will work with you during the setup of your store to keep its look as compatible with your existing website as possible.

How Do I Make Recommendations?

Patients can request to have the recommendation emailed, allowing them to make a purchase decision at a later time. If they don’t purchase right way, a series of email reminders are sent to them automatically.

The patient is present when you complete the recommendation during their visit. They may purchase the recommended products right there or at the front desk before leaving your facility.

Prior to, or during, a patient’s first visit, you or your administrative assistant enters the patient’s basic contact information into the recommendation module. This literally just takes seconds to complete.

During the initial setup process in the recommendation module, you can identify products to be automatically recommended for specific patient or customer needs. When using the recommendation engine during a patient visit, these products will automatically populate when a specific condition is called up. Product recommendations can always be adjusted for a specific patient at the time of their visit or you can create new ones at any given time.

How Will I Get Paid?

On your eStore dashboard, you will have access to view all the sales and commissions you have earned and those that have been paid to date.

No, BioHealth Technology handles all sales tax calculations, collecting, reporting and payments.

You DO NOT need your own merchant account to process the credit card transactions on your eStore. The merchant account is setup and managed by BioHealth Technology at no cost to you. Your customer’s credit card statements will show BioHealth Technology as the merchant.

Your percentage share of the retail price (margin) will vary depending on the overall profit margins offered by each vendor. In general, you will receive between 20% and 25% of the selling price for each product, excluding the costs for shipping and taxes.

Every month, BioHealth Technology will deposit your commission/margin earnings directly into your bank account via an ACH (Automated Clearing House) transaction.