About Us

BioHealth Technology brings you AUTOMATED, INSTANT eCommerce!

Our “Best-In-Class” tools allow the automated creation of unlimited customized eStores for the health care industry. We increase your marketing and sales reach with our unique distribution and sales model, creating new opportunities to increase customer penetration and revenue.


Barriers to operating an eCommerce Store:
There is more to eCommerce than a templated storefront and a shopping cart.

  • Limited sales volume
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Limited time and personnel to support your store operations
  • Insufficient vendor relationships to meet inventory requirements
  • Heavy work load dealing with inventory, order processing, sales tax and more
  • Limited resources to drive store traffic through digital marketing campaigns
  • Too many hassles dealing with customer issues, returns and payment processing.

Single Store Solutions do not address these and many other road-blocks.

BioHealth Technology offers the only Fully Automated solution in the industry today!

Our Solution
Our technology provides a hands-Free, Turnkey eStore within Days for all Brands and Resellers in the Health Care Industry.

  • Customized graphics for each store owner
  • Pre-loaded inventory from one or multiple brands
  • No open account necessary with vendors
  • No merchant account needed
  • No IT personnel required
  • Fully-automated order processing and payments to vendors
  • Automated sales tax calculations and payments
  • Automated payments to eStore owners for their share on the sales margin
  • Easily integrates into a company’s current daily routine
  • Includes CRM, preference center and recommendation engine with email automation
  • Includes automated out bound marketing campaigns, social media and more